Move Out Carpet Cleaning

Home or Apartment Move-Out Carpet Cleaning


As you prepare to move out of your home or apartment in Salinas or Monterey Bay, you may be hoping to get as much of your security deposit back as possible. Your landlord understandably has a right to withhold a portion of that deposit to cover cleaning costs, repairs and more. In order to leave your former home in great condition, you need to focus on removing stains, odors and signs of foot traffic from the carpet. The easy way to erase some of the signs of wear and age on your carpet is to schedule move-out carpet cleaning with Ferrante’s Steam Carpet Cleaning.

In some cases, the terms of a lease dictate a requirement for professional carpet cleaning before you return the keys to the landlord. Whether you schedule carpet cleaning with our pros to fulfill this type of requirement or because you want to erase some areas of concern, your carpet is in skilled hands with our team on the job. After your furniture has been moved out of the space, you may be stunned by the filth that covers your floors. Even those who vacuum once or twice per week may be dismayed by the amount of dirt on the floors. This is where we come in.


Truck Mounted Extraction Carpet Cleaning


We will pre-treat the carpet as needed for stains and odors. We then use a powerful steam cleaner to inject hot steam into the carpet fibers. This loosens the dirt and other particles so that our truck-mounted extraction equipment can leave your carpet truly clean.

Regardless of how dirty or stained your carpet is today, we want to impress you with incredible results from our proven processes. To schedule move-out cleaning service with our experts at Ferrante’s Steam Carpet Cleaning, contact us by phone or by completing the Service Request Form online.

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