Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

When is the last time your upholstery was thoroughly cleaned? If you are like many other residents in Salinas or Monterey Bay, you may run the vacuum wand over your upholstered furniture periodically as part of your regular cleaning efforts. However, this step alone is not enough. You may be aware of the critical need for deep carpet cleaning in addition to vacuuming. This is because deep carpet cleaning or steam cleaning from Ferrante’s Steam Carpet Cleaning removes the ground-in dirt particles that your vacuum cannot reach. Likewise, your furniture’s upholstery will trap dirt particles that cannot be removed by your vacuum. Deep cleaning your upholstery periodically is an essential step to maintain a truly immaculate home.

Upholstery Cleaning for Chairs, Sofas, Footrests and More

We proudly provide upholstery steam cleaning for chairs, sofas, footrests and many other surfaces. Our cleaners can use spot treatments to address problem areas before we begin steam cleaning the surfaces. Our processes and cleaning products are thorough and safe for most materials. Through professional upholstery steam cleaning, our team can turn back the hands of time and restore life to worn, discolored furniture. At the same time, by removing dust, dander and more from the upholstery, we can improve indoor air quality, tackle unpleasant odors and give you a home environment that is truly enjoyable to spend time in.

Do you have one problem spot on your favorite chair that you need help with? Are you wondering if upholstery steam cleaning throughout your home will address that musty odor that you cannot seem to get rid of? As true experts in our field, our professionals at Ferrante’s Steam Carpet Cleaning will remove spots, stains, odors and ground-in dirt to your satisfaction. We are excited to learn about your current needs and to tell you how our services can improve your living environment. To request a quote or to gather more details about our services, complete the Service Request Form online.

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