Pet Stain Removal

Pet Carpet-Stain Removal

Have your pets left behind special surprises for you to discover? These may be random calls of nature from pets who are otherwise house-trained. They may be mishaps from young animals who have not learned the ropes yet or senior pets who have lost the ability to fully control their actions. Some pet stains are also caused by illnesses. If you are like other pet owners in Monterey Bay or Salinas who have discovered similar messes on your carpet, you may have immediately removed the bulk of the mess and dried up the moisture with paper towels. Commonly, pet owners utilize carpet cleaning products bought at local stores to tackle the remaining mess, but these products may not be as effective as you might hope.

Why Store Bought Stain Removers Don’t Work

Pet stains generally carry enzymes and other natural elements that these store-bought products cannot properly address. More than that, they can leave behind a sticky residue that becomes increasingly dirty over time. This is why you may find yourself cleaning the same spot every few days for weeks on end. Ferrante’s Steam Carpet Cleaning provides you with a faster and effective way to remove the pet stains from your carpet once and for all. Our proven cleaning products will remove stains as well as unpleasant pet odors so that your carpet looks and smells wonderful once again.

Is there one large stain in the middle of your living room floor? Are there a series of smaller stains that have collectively made your floor look and smell filthy? We can give you the pristine, spot-free carpet that you are hoping for. This service is available independently, or we can incorporate pet stain removal into our other steam carpet cleaning and stain removal services. To inquire about pet stain removal service, fill out our Service Request Form today.

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